Visual Story – Aphra

This is the entrance to the Aphra Theatre (green on your map), where many of the performances will take place.

Aphra 1.png

There are a pair of automatic doors that you will walk through and into the building.

Aphra 2.png

Just in front of you are the doors to the Aphra Theatre. You will go through here once the doors open and once the staff let you know when it is time to go in. To the left of these doors are the toilets, and to the right of these doors (in the Lumley studio) there is a chill-out space.

Aphra 3

This is what you will see when you walk inside. This is the stage and this is where the performance will take place.

Aphra 4

On your right you will see seats, you can sit anywhere you like in this theatre. Everyone who has come to watch the show will take their seats too and it might get quite busy.Aphra 5

Once the show is about to start, the lights will dim and the auditorium will get a bit darker. All of the shows at the festival are relaxed performances, which means that if you need to move around or step out at any time then that’s fine.

Aphra 6

When the show finishes the people will begin clapping to show that they enjoyed the performance, and the lights will turn on. Everyone will leave the theatre. It might be busy but you can wait in your seat until everyone has left if you want. If you need help before, during or after the performance then you can call an usher.