Visual Story – Gulbenkian Theatre

This is the outside of the Gulbenkian Building (pink on your map). To get to the main entrance, turn right and walk towards the underpass.

Gulbenkian 1

Go past the two beams and into the underpass. Gulbenkian 3

Walk through these double doors an into the foyer of the Gulbenkian. The green door straight ahead takes you to the toilets. On your right you’ll see the box office.Gulbenkian 4

This box office is where you can buy and pick up tickets to all of the events at the festival, even ones that are not taking place at the Gulbenkian.

Gulbenkian 5

On your left you’ll see the Gulbenkian Cafe. Here you can buy drinks, snacks and order hot food. Walk past this to get to the Gulbenkian TheatreGulbenkian t1 Once you’ve walked past the cafe, you should be able to see the green double doors that will take you to the Gulbenkian.Gulbenkian t2

These are the main doors to the Gulbenkian. When the show is ready to begin, you’ll be able to go through here to see the show.Gulbenkian t3

This is what the inside of the theatre looks like. There are plenty of seats, so you can choose the seat that you like the best.

Gulbenkian t4

This is the view of the stage from the seats, but it will look quite different when the performance is taking place.

Gulbenkian t5