We were able to live-streams of six shows from the festival, and they were available for 10 days after the festival. These were…

Mainspring Arts Playwriting Showcase

Six neurodivergent writers, six short plays. This showcase is part of Square Peg Scripts, a playwriting programme run by Mainspring Arts. Since November 2018, six participants have been developing short plays with mentoring by established playwrights. The showcase will feature rehearsed readings of extracts from each of the scripts in development.

Crazy Future Love by Everyday DayLee

Lee and Dayo are forever in love. Well, they are in love with the idea of love, but sadly it has never worked out. They’ve been hurt before, and it hurt real bad. Two guys with learning disabilities go on a quest to imagine their future meeting the right partner. But what stops us from being stuck in a forever loop of rejection?

#BinariesBeGone by Xandri Selwyn

It’s 2068 at the 50th anniversary exhibition of the #binariesbegone movement. Join Sylvie as she/they bring us into the historical gendered world of 2018 where girls will be girls and boys will be boys and where diversity is not yet an outlawed term. What an archaic world that was. We’re now thankful that the revolution really did equalise our everyday relations and difference is no more.

The Catography of Autism Research by Jon Adams

Jon through the ‘medium of cats’ will present ‘catographically’ a map of an autistic persons view on the current priorities in autism research, the people who set them and some autistic people’s experiences of participatory research.
(Warning this performance may contain cats, inappropriate language, irony, sarcasm, metaphor, humour & theory of mind.

Better Together by ACA Theatre

Join the three delightful Clowns who make waiting at a bus stop a tragically complicated affair. They don’t know it yet, but Tropizo, Doa & Squiggle are on a journey to become best friends! Full of slapstick, acrobatics, and physical comedy, Better Together is an artful, intelligent, and hilarious piece. The show’s visual comedy and use of nonsensical language allows it to be understood by all, making it enjoyable for the whole family.

Adventures of Super Autie Gang by Annette Foster

Super Aspie Grrl is back but this time she’s not alone. Over the last year she has been working with other Autistic women, nonbinary and trans people to create a new sparkly spangly fantastical Neurodivergent experience that gives voice to a invisible generation of autistic people and celebrate their extraordinary perspectives. This will including some old favourites and be a work in progress showing.