Lupino Visual Story

As it is quite difficult to find, we recommend that anyone planning to attend the All Night Avengers meet in the Grimond Building at 10pm. Go through these double doors.

Grimond 1

Once in the main foyer, go straight ahead.

Grimond 2

We will be meeting in front of GLT2


We will be going through these doors to find this building.

Lupino 1

This is the entrance to the Lupino. You go through these doors to enter the foyer.

Lupino 2

There are toilets on the left, and the door to the Lupino cinema is on the right.

Lupino 3

This is what the seating in the Lupino looks like. You can sit anywhere you like for the film screening.

Lupino 5

The only screening in the Lupino is the All Night Avengers. We won’t be selling drinks or snacks, so do feel free to bring your own. If you fall asleep during the screening then that’s absolutely fine.