Visual Story – Lupino

This is the front of the Lupino (yellow on your map), where many of the films will be taking place.

Lupino 1.png

This is the front door of the cinema; you will walk through here and into the entrance hall.

Lupino 2.png

The entrance hall is where you will have to queue before the show starts. The door to the cinema is on the right. There are also toilets on the left.

Lupino 3.png

This is what the cinema looks like. Although the lights will be low, there will not be a complete blackout. The usher will announce when the film is about to start, and you are free to step out and come back in if you like.

Lupino 5.png

There are plenty of seats that you can choose from, and the front row will be reserved for wheelchair users.

When the film is over, the lights will turn on. Everyone will leave the cinema. It might be busy but you can wait in your seat until everyone has left if you want. If you need help before, during or after the film you can call an usher.