A Heart at Sea by Peter Morton and Avi Simmons

Sunday 30th April 2017, 12 in Jarman Studio 1 (Buy Tickets

£7.50, £5 Conc.  20% off when you buy tickets to three or more events.

Click here for A Heart at Sea’s Visual Story

Be enthralled by this epic musical folktale told on a miniature scale. A Heart at Sea uses haunting live music to tell the story of a young Boy who bottles up his heart and throws it into the sea. Original song-writing is set to breathtaking visuals centred around a beautifully carved wooden chest that holds the secrets to the story.

Intricate puppets are swept through a transforming wooden world created by the spectacular chest. Be astounded as backdrops flip up, pirouette and change, sending the Boy tumbling through danger and discovery. Puppets roam on this unique contraption to recount the story of whales, tiny boats, sea captains and beards.

The original songs, composed by Avi Simmons, knit together the atmospheric tale through live vocals, instruments and a loop station. The music sweeps through echoing soundscapes to create a visceral, heart-warming experience. Join our hero as he embarks on a wild, nautical journey to recover his missing heart. This is a piece of stunning visual storytelling and intimate gig-theatre that will resonate with all ages.

Suitable for ages 6+ and beyond.

Positive Triggers

Key objects: Whales, Hearts, Boats, Beards, Musical Instruments, Wooden chest, The sea

Key forms that the story is told through: Live folk music, Puppetry, Live singing, Sea shanties, Live loop station

Key themes: Loss and redemption, Adventure, “gig” theatre, Visual theatre

Negative Triggers

Total Black out (audience): No

What is the audience lighting level?: Dim light.

Flashing Lights or strobe: No

Loud sounds/noises (inc. music): Loud guitar strumming, storm sounds effects made by the audience, Cajon is used during the performance

Repetitive noises: Some of the music is looped on a loop station live.

Drums: Cajon is drummed on lightly

High-pitched tones: Some of the singing is high pitched, and there is also whale song.

Unexpected sounds (eg. Crash): No

Is there background sound/music: The piece is underscored throughout with live music.

Interactivity and Participation

Audience invited on stage: No

Artist goes into the audience: An artist goes into the audience with a baby whale puppet. Also creates storm sound effects with the audience through looping a microphone.

Workshop/manual activity: No

Are participants required to…

Walk around: No

Undertake directed movement: They are asked as a group to clap, make swooshing sounds and hit their legs to create a storm sound effect.

Read: No

Draw: No

Construct things: No

Paint: No

Sing: No

Participate in pairs or groups with others: No

Other Details:

If participants are expected to use materials (eg: markers, pencils, scissors) what are these materials: N/A

If the activity is targeted towards this demographic, is it okay for a parent or carer to support children in participation: Yes

If a child is slower in their movements than other children, is there a capacity for that child to have a turn to participate: Yes – there will be ample opportunity to create the sounds for the storm.

Attention Span Information

Show duration: 50mins

Is there an intermission: No

Do the audience need to sit in one place during the show: Yes

Is it okay for audience members to make a noise/move around during the show (ie: a relaxed performance): Yes – but not move onto the stage due to intricate moving set pieces.

Is there an introduction and if so how long is it: No.

Senses, Emotions and Effects

Does your show have any distinctive smells: No.

Does your show have any other special effects (eg: smoke machine, bubbles etc): There is a smoke machine used lightly in one scene

Does your show involve exploring any textures, and if so please specify: No

Are balloons used in your show: No

Do any of the characters in your show express anger: No

To what extent is your show dialogue driven: The songs hold dialogue important to the story however this only accompanies a strong visual element

Are there any props in the performance that you think potential audience members should know about that have not already been mentioned: No.