AAF Comedy Night

Saturday 29th April, 9pm in Gulbenkian Bar (Book Tickets)

£7.50, £5 Conc.  20% off when you buy tickets to three or more events.

An evening of live stand up comedy with Ria Lina, Don Biswas,  Jay Islaam and Jethro Bradley.

About the Acts

Ria Lina

Ria has been a regular at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival since 2011. Her 2014 show “School of Riason” was nominated for the Amused Moose Laughter Awards, contained one of Dave TV’s Top 10 Jokes of the Festival, and was commissioned by Radio 4 as a half-hour special to be recorded and aired in 2016. Previous projects include her critically acclaimed shows “Thpethial” (2013) and “It’s Not Easy Being Yellow” (2012), which travelled to the Brighton Fringe, Edinburgh Fringe, and Singapore International Festivals. Her most recent show, Taboo Raider (2015), was filmed for DVD release and is due out in Spring 2016.

Don Biswas

On the surface Don is a straightforward and old fashioned gag merchant. However, he does talk about a wide variety of unique subjects from having Dyspraxia and mild Asperger’s Syndrome (both learning difficulties that effect coordination and social skills) to politics. Also thrown into the mix, in his set, are razor sharp one-liners.  When discussing politics Don very much takes an alternative view on the subject, thus talking about the lack choice available in the current system, mainstream media censorship to conspiracy theories, among other topics. However, all of this is done in a tongue and check way with plenty of gags, meaning he is able to play to a wide variety of rooms. His comedy has lead him to be a part of Abnormally Funny People a specialist comedy show for comics, who talk about their disabilities and difficulties. Don also has done school’s tour support (only for certain dates) for comedian John William’s solo shows My Son’s not Rainman.

Jay Islaam

Recently voted one of the top five comedians in the Midlands (What’s On magazine) and described as “one of the bad boys of British comedy” (Edge magazine), Jay Islaam is a multi-award-winning standup, writer and broadcaster who regularly performs at some of the biggest comedy clubs in the country.  You never quite know what you’re going to get with Jay Islaam. Will he be performing one of his outrageous and controversial comedy characters? Can we expect to see him perform a deadpan set of one-liners? Or will he be doing stripped down, angry, observational commentary about social and political issues. Whatever happens, it’ll definitely be memorable.

Jethro Bradley

Multi-award winner and Cardiff based Jethro Bradley is fairly new to the scene but has kept impressing audiences and peers alike with his offbeat outlook on life. Most recently Jethro won the BBC Radio New Comedy Awards. He’s definitely one to watch!

Positive Triggers


Negative Triggers

Total Black out (audience): No

What is the audience lighting level?: Slightly dimmed

Flashing Lights or strobe: No

Loud sounds/noises (inc. music): Music but it won’t be too loud. Audience will be encouraged to applaud and cheer.

Repetitive noises: No

Drums: No

High-pitched tones: No

Unexpected sounds (eg. Crash): Possibly.

Is there background sound/music: Yes

Interactivity and Participation

Are audience members required to…

Walk around: No

Undertake directed movement: Possibly replying to questions, cheering and applauding.

Read: No

Draw: No.

Construct things: No.

Paint: No.

Sing: No.

Participate in pairs or groups with others: Yes, cheering and applauding.

Attention Span Information

Performance duration: 90 minutes

Is there an intermission: Yes

Do participants need to sit in one place during the show: Yes

Is it okay for participants to make a noise/move around during the show (ie: a relaxed performance): Yes.

Is there an introduction and if so how long is it: No

Senses, Emotions and Effects

Does your show have any distinctive smells: No.

Does your show have any other special effects (eg: smoke machine, bubbles etc): No, but we would use a microphone and amplification.

Does your performance involve exploring any textures, and if so please specify: No.

Are balloons used in your performance: No.

Does anyone in your show express anger?: Possibly

To what extent is your show dialogue driven?: It will be heavily verbal.

Are there any props in the performance that you think potential audience members should know about that have not already been mentioned: No.