Adventures of Super Autie Gang by Annette Foster

Sunday 28th April, 6-7pm

Aphra Theatre

Super Aspie Grrl is back but this time she’s not alone. Over the last year she has been working with other Autistic women, nonbinary and trans people to create a new sparkly spangly fantastical Neurodivergent experience that gives voice to a invisible generation of autistic people and celebrate their extraordinary perspectives. This will including some old favourites and be a work in progress showing.

One hour show without intermission

For ages 16+

Positive Triggers

Autistic pride, happy stimming, community, dance.


Lighting will be at a standard level on stage and in the audience area.

Total Blackout? No, the lights will be dimmed when a video is played but there will not be a total blackout

Flashing or strobe? No


Loud sounds/noises? Music but it won‘t be loud

Repetitive noises? No

Drums? No

High-pitched tones? No

Unexpected sounds? Wonder Woman theme tune

Background music? Yes, for dance sequence.

Other Sensory Aspects

Any distinctive smells? No

Special effects? No

Textures? No

Balloons? No

Expressions of anger? No

Other props? Pop up tents

Interactivity and Participation

Are the audience invited on stage? Yes at one point

Do performers go into the audience? Yes

Can audience members make a noise or move around during the performance? Yes

Workshop/manual activity? No

If someone is slower in their movements than other children, is there a capacity for that person to have a turn to participate? Yes

To what extent is the show dialogue driven? This show is half dialogue, half performance movement

Are participants required to…

Sit in place? No

Walk around? Yes

Undertake directed movement? Yes

Read? No

Draw? No

Construct things? No

If participants are expected to use materials (eg: markers, pencils, scissors) what are these materials: Sharpie marker + scrub brush.

Paint? No

Sing? No

Participate in pairs or groups? No