Beacon Hill Arts Films

Saturday 29th April, 1-2pm in Lupino Cinema (Free and Unticketed)

Beacon Hill Arts is a multi-award winning production company of filmmakers with learning difficulties, autism and additional needs. Their unique approach leads to films that are as memorable and entertaining as they are informative and awareness-raising. Working alongside industry mentors, their most experienced filmmakers take part in professional commissions, working with clients and creative partner agencies to produce outstanding work that is shown all over the world. Their filmmakers use their unique and entertaining creativity as a way to not only develop valuable skills, but to also dismantle stereotypes of disability by reaching global audiences with their amazing work.

The Autism Arts Festival is proud to be including 15 of their short films as part of the festival programme.

  1. Intro to Beacon Hill Arts (2.02)

A brief introduction to Beacon Hill’s work.

  1. The Very Specific Magician (3.49)

A magician uses a magic wand to banish his problems. After finding himself alone, he realises he must travel to another dimension to find the friends he has lost.

  1. Congrats Your Life Isn’t Ending (6.27)

A series of short films made by a group of school students in Tyneside about their experiences of autism diagnosis.

  1. Jim’s Wind-ups (1.49)

Some job advice for you! What does “being punctual”, ”flexible” and having “common sense” really mean?! Let Jim be your guide…

  1. The Pirate Thief (4.47)

Captain Victoria Mango and her crew set sail for Tynemouth after finding a riddle directing them to treasure.

  1. William Heron: Hammer of the Poor (3.44)

Part of a series of tales about the Hidden Histories of the Newcastle Castle.

  1. Dust is Us (7.01)

A live performance version of a floating musical journey through the universe, atoms and socks.

  1. The Apprenta-ship (3.01)

All aboard the Apprenta-ship, where job hunters set sail to “learn how to do the job, on the job”. Just watch out for those whales though.

  1. The Princess and the Bodyguard

Many the fairy has set her sights on becoming the King’s bodyguard but finds she must compete against the egocentric Sir Arthur Bulldog first.

  1. Mary Bruce (3.01)

Part of a series of tales about the Hidden Histories of the Newcastle Castle.

  1. The Pirate and the Mermaid (7.06)

A tale of a pirate meeting a mermaid. Will the couple be able to overcome the big troubles they encounter when they move to dry land?

  1. Devil of Jobs (1.51)

A visit to the job centre takes a dark turn when three job hunters stumble upon the office of the mysterious Mr. Inferno

  1. Ruby of Doom (5.05)

The Ruby of Doom is in danger! The trouble is the security guard Arnold is feeling really sleepy! Can he stay awake long enough to save the ruby?

  1. The Lisles – Teenage Outlaws! (2.46)

Part of a series about the Hidden Histories of the Newcastle Castle.

  1. I’m Not Funny (4.59)

Caroline is a stand-up comedian at crisis point, until she discovers the mysterious Jokemaster 5000. Can the machine solve her problems?