Crazy Future Love by Everyday DayLee

Saturday 27th April 2019, 3.00 – 3.15pm

Aphra Theatre

Lee and Dayo are forever in love. Well, they are in love with the idea of love, but sadly it has never worked out. They’ve been hurt before, and it hurt real bad. Two guys with learning disabilities go on a quest to imagine their future meeting the right partner. But what stops us from being stuck in a forever loop of rejection?

Key Themes

The key theme is about how there are so many ways you can fall in love, and how hard that is, there is rapping, movement, and expressions of frustration and anger.

Negative Triggers

Total Black out (audience): Two black outs

What is the audience lighting level? This can be at 50%

Flashing Lights or strobe: No

Loud sounds/noises (inc. music): Music, Rapping, Fake Gun Shot – This is like a machine gun that’s included in the music.

Repetitive noises: Music

Drums: None

High-pitched tones: Fake machine gunshots in the music

Unexpected sounds (eg. Crash): Music builds up at the end and sounds like a bit mash up of music.

Is there background sound/music: Music Sound Track.

Interactivity and Participation

At the end of the performance it finishes with the performers putting there hands out for people to hold, this would be people sat on the aisle seats, the performers say “this is what my heart feels like.” And they breath in and out. It’s a relaxing feeling, with slow music playing in the back ground.

Audience invited on stage: No

Artist goes into the audience: Yes, at the beginning when they enter and at the end when they leave the space.

Workshop/manual activity: No

Are participants required to:

Walk around: No

Undertake directed movement: No

Read: No

Draw: No

Construct things: No

Paint: No

Sing: No

Participate in pairs or groups with others: No

Other Details:

If participants are expected to use materials (eg: markers, pencils, scissors) what are these materials: None

If the activity is targeted towards this demographic, is it okay for a parent or carer to support children in participation: N/A

If a child is slower in their movements than other children, is there a capacity for that child to have a turn to participate: N/A

Attention Span Information

Show duration: 20 Minutes

Is there an intermission: No

Do the audience need to sit in one place during the show: Yes, but they can come in and out of the space, and if they need to move, they are welcome to.

Is it okay for audience members to make a noise/move around during the show (ie: a relaxed performance): Yes

Is there an introduction and if so how long is it: There can be an introduction about triggers and a brief description about the show, this would be 3 minutes.

Senses, Emotions and Effects

Does your show have any distinctive smells: No

Does your show have any other special effects (eg: smoke machine, bubbles etc): None

Does your show involve exploring any textures, and if so please specify: None

Are balloons used in your show: None

Do any of the characters in your show express anger: Yes, a lot of anger and they swear.

To what extent is your show dialogue driven: It’s rapping in spoken word.

Are there any props in the performance that you think potential audience members should know about that have not already been mentioned:

There is a female mannequin, the performers dress up the mannequin in different wigs and outfits.

dayo lee photo