Mainspring Arts Playwrights’ Showcase

Saturday 27th April, 11.45 – 1.15

Aphra Theatre, Grimond 

Six neurodivergent writers, six short plays. This showcase is part of Square Peg Scripts, a playwriting programme run by Mainspring Arts. Since November 2018, six participants have been developing short plays with mentoring by established playwrights. The showcase will feature rehearsed readings of extracts from each of the scripts in development.

1. Bear Mask by Cameron Straughan

2. No Juice by Jae Erwin

3. Vinnie by Jae Scott

4. Blud Blood by Ian Hinde

5. Untitled by Zoe Vail

6. Interpretations by Krystina Nellis

Mainspring Arts Visual Guide

Detailed information

Total Black out (audience): No

What is the audience lighting level?: Low

Flashing Lights or strobe: No

Loud sounds/noises (inc. music): Yes

Repetitive noises: No

Drums: No

High-pitched tones: No

Unexpected sounds (eg. Crash): Yes

Is there background sound/music:  Yes 

Interactivity and Participation

Audience invited on stage: No

Artist goes into the audience: No

Workshop/manual activity: No

Are participants required to:

Walk around: No

Undertake directed movement: No

Read: No

Draw: No

Construct things: No

Paint: No

Sing: No

Participate in pairs or groups with others: No

Other Details:

If participants are expected to use materials (eg: markers, pencils, scissors) what are these materials: n/a

If the activity is targeted towards this demographic, is it okay for a parent or carer to support children in participation: n/a

If a child is slower in their movements than other children, is there a capacity for that child to have a turn to participate: n/a

Attention Span Information

Is there an intermission: yes – ten minutes halfway through

Do the audience need to sit in one place during the show: They’re free to move around,  but it’s a seated show

Is it okay for audience members to make a noise/move around during the show (ie: a relaxed performance): Yes

Is there an introduction and if so how long is it: No

Senses, Emotions and Effects

Does your show have any distinctive smells: No

Does your show have any other special effects (eg: smoke machine, bubbles etc): No

Does your show involve exploring any textures, and if so please specify: No

Are balloons used in your show: No

Do any of the characters in your show express anger: Yes

To what extent is your show dialogue driven: Dialogue on the stage – entirely! Dialogue with the audience – none.

Are there any props in the performance that you think potential audience members should know about that have not already been mentioned: There is a cardboard bear mask worn by one of the actors 


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