Rhi Lloyd-Williams

Saturday 27th April, 4.15 – 5.15pm

Grimond Lecture Theatre 3

Rhi Lloyd-Williams is a poet, playwright, blogger and essayist. She was longlisted for The New Welsh Review’s 2018 essay competition for her collection, “The Wrong Kind of Happiness”, about finding balance as an autistic person in a non-autistic world. Her debut play, “The Duck”, is currently touring. It is a one-woman piece exploring the nature of identity and acceptance around the theme of receiving an autism diagnosis later in life. She has been writing about her own autism on her blog, AutistRhi.com, for several years, using her lyrical style to communicate what being autistic has meant to her.

This year saw her work as part of a collaborative Arts Council England funded group, “Neither Use Nor Ornament” (NUNO), producing poetry in response to the work of other artists. Exploring the themes of connection and communication. She lives in the wilds of West Wales with her husband and five children.

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