Talking in Pictures by George Watts

Throughout the festival, Jarman Reception (Free)

This short film casts a satirical side-eye at the common stereotypes of autism. Created using photos sent in by local autistic adults in response to the question “what makes you happy?” The images sent in response to this deceptively simple question speak volumes about the depth and richness of autistic people’s lives. Suffused with joy, it challenges people to reassess the beliefs they hold about autism.

Viewer comment: “It made me think about what I thought about autism. When I hear people talk about autism it’s 99.9% to do with children. I think most people know a bit about autism but think of it in negative terms…what your video shows is that it doesn’t have to be always thought of in a negative way”

George Watts is an autistic self-advocate and postgrad student of Autism Studies at The Tizard Centre. Recent work includes contributing to a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on autism which can be accessed for free at Understanding Autism – Online Course