The Catography of Autism Research by Jon Adams

Sunday 28th April, 10.00 – 10.30am

Aphra Theatre

Jon through the ‘medium of cats’ will present ‘catographically’ a map of an autistic persons view on the current priorities in autism research, the people who set them and some autistic people’s experiences of participatory research.

(Warning this performance may contain cats, inappropriate language, irony, sarcasm, metaphor, humour & theory of mind.)

Positive Triggers

Cats, humour and autism research. Some references to plants, model making, artists and art, Autism Research changing, Sealife and Autistic animals

Negative Triggers 

Total Black out (audience): no

What is the audience lighting level?: low as in a visual lecture

Flashing Lights or strobe: none

Loud sounds/noises (inc. music): none

Repetitive noises: none

Drums: none

High-pitched tones: no

Unexpected sounds (eg. Crash): no

Is there background sound/music: no

Interactivity and Participation

Audience invited on stage: no

Artist goes into the audience: no

Workshop/manual activity: no

Are participants required to:

Walk around: no

Undertake directed movement: no

Read: no

Draw: no

Construct things: no

Paint: no

Sing: no

Participate in pairs or groups with others: no

Attention Span Information

Is there an intermission: no

Do the audience need to sit in one place during the show: yes

Is it okay for audience members to make a noise/move around during the show (ie: a relaxed performance): yes

Is there an introduction and if so how long is it: yes – 30 seconds

Senses, Emotions and Effects

Does your show have any distinctive smells: no

Does your show have any other special effects (eg: smoke machine, bubbles etc): no

Does your show involve exploring any textures, and if so please specify: no

Are balloons used in your show: no

Do any of the characters in your show express anger: no

To what extent is your show dialogue driven: images and explanatory dialogue description

Are there any props in the performance that you think potential audience members should know about that have not already been mentioned: no

jon adams - catography of autism research