Zara by Mind the Gap Theatre

Saturday 27th April, 8 – 9.10pm

Grimond Lecture Theatre 3

[Please note: This has moved from the Gulbenkian Cinema to Grimond]

When Eva was born, her mother wasn’t prepared for what was coming next.

Eva is no ordinary baby. Eva is a giant threat to society.

The army is called; the world’s media descend on the UK; there are protests and placards, opinions and destruction.

And there is Zara, her mother.

A mother who will defend the child she loves with all her might.

A mother against the world.

A Mind the Gap and Walk the Plank co-production: Zara is a giant outdoor theatre event for the whole family. This specially arranged screening is of the performance that took place at The Piece Hall, Halifax on Saturday 20 April 2019.

Zara Long