Saturday 29th April 2017
10.00am Citizen Autistic (+ panel on Neurodiversity) Book Ticket (Free)
11.00am Stand Up Comedy workshop with Oliver Double (Ages 16+) Buy Ticket
12.00pm Splash (1984) Buy Ticket
12.00pm We Were Here by Daniel Bendelman Free and Unticketed
1.00pm Panel Discussion on Autism and Puppetry Book Ticket (Free)
1.00pm Beacon Hill Arts films Free and Unticketed
2.00pm Puppetry workshop with Knuckle and Joint (Ages 12 – 16) Buy Ticket
2.30pm Misfit Analysis by Access All Areas and Cian Binchy Buy Ticket
2.30pm Adam (2009) Buy Ticket
3.00pm This is Me (+ Q&A with Cast) Free and Unticketed
4.30pm Una Q Horn (+ panel on Autism And Gender) Book Ticket (Free)
4.30pm Life, Animated (2016) Buy Ticket
5.00pm Improv workshop with Nathan Keates (Ages 12-16) Buy Ticket
6.00pm Square Peg Stories by Mainspring Arts Free and Unticketed
6.30pm Imagining Autism: Now I See The World (+ panel on Autism and Creativity) Book Ticket (Free)
7.00pm Guerrilla Aspies by Paul Wady Buy Ticket
9.00pm AAF Comedy Night Buy Ticket
Sunday 30th April 2017
10.00am Imagining Autism (15 min slots) Book Ticket (Free)
12.00pm A Heart at Sea by Peter Morton and Avi Simmons Buy Ticket
1.30pm Inside Out (2015) Buy Ticket
1.30pm Asperger’s Are Us: A True Story (+ panel on Autism and Humour) Book Ticket (Free)
2.30pm Beyond the Flash by Little Angel’s Spectrum Youth Theatre Book Ticket (Free)
2.30pm MADHOUSE: Catch the Baby by Cian Binchy (15 min slots) Book Ticket (Free)
3.00pm Comedy Workshop with Three Half Pints (Ages 7-12) Buy Ticket
4.00pm Mary and Max (2009) Buy Ticket
4.30pm Adventures of Super Aspie Grrl by Annette Foster Buy Ticket
5.30pm The Emperor’s New Clothes by Stuff and Nonsense Theatre Buy Ticket
5.30pm Panel on Autism, Acting and Casting Book Ticket (Free)
6.00pm Spoken Word Workshop with Kate Fox (Ages 16+) Buy Ticket
6.30pm My Son’s Not Rainman by John Williams Buy Ticket
7.30pm What Next? A Longtable Discussion of the Future of the Festival Free and Unticketed
8.30pm Free Drinks and Launch Party of Flow Observatorium Free and Unticketed