Templeman Seminar Room 1 – Visual Story

Please note: There are many entrances to the Templeman Library, so please be careful that you’re entering and exiting in the right one to avoid getting lost.

This is the entrance to the Templeman Library which we’re asking people to use for the Artist Development Day on 26th April, as it’s opposite the entrance to the Grimond Building.

Templeman 1

Walk through either the revolving door or one of the automatic doors either side of them. You will arrive in this corridor.

Templeman 2

You should walk straight ahead. You will pass the entrance to the Templeman Lecture Theatre on your right.

Templeman 3

And this café on your left.

Templeman 4b.jpg

When you get to the end of the corridor, turn right.

Templeman B5.jpg

Walk past the tables and chairs. (There will probably be fewer people, as it will be outside of term time). Templeman Seminar Room 1 is straight ahead.

Templeman B6.jpg

The door on the left is Templeman Seminar Room 1. This is what it looks like inside.

Templeman B7.jpg