The venues we’re using for the festival weekend are located in three buildings, Jarman (blue on map), Grimond (green on map) and Gulbenkian (pink on map).

AAF 2019 Map

There will be a line on the ground connecting the Jarman with the Gulbenkian, via Grimond, in the way shown above to help with navigation. Below are videos of those routes…

Jarman – Grimond – Gulbenkian

Gulbenkian – Grimond – Jarman

These are the venues that we’re using during the festival weekend…

Jarman Building

Jarman Studio 1

Studio 3, Jarman

Grimond Building

Aphra Theatre, Grimond

Grimond Lecture Theatre 3

Lupino, Grimond

Gulbenkian Building

Colyer Fergusson Hall, Gulbenkian

Gulbenkian Cafe Bar

Gulbenkian Cinema

Gulbenkian Theatre


And these are venues that are only being used on the Artist Development Day on 26th April. 

Templeman Lecture Theatre

Templeman Seminar Room 1