Visual Story – Studio 3

This is the outside of the Jarman building (blue on your map) and here you will go through the automatic doors into the entrance hall.

Jarman a

Another door will open into the foyer and that is where you will go through.

Jarman b.png

This is the Foyer, it has a sign telling you all the rooms and where they are.

Jarman c

There is a reception to the left; here you can ask any questions you have. To the right is the corridor leading to the toilets. The red sofas are there for you to use, so you can sit on them if you like.

Jarman d

You will walk straight ahead here until you arrive at the double doors that says ‘Studio 1-2’

Jarman 1-2.png

Turn right when you are almost at the doors.

Jarman 3b

These are doors to the gallery, which you can go through to get in to see the exhibition.

Jarman 3c.png